Down 2 Earth Mediumship

13/01/23          The Four Pillars of the Angelic Realm with Annie Conboy

Meet the Earth’s Archangels, the Angelic Hosts and the teachings they share with us. Open and connect intuitively with these powerful guides who can help you to develop your abilities to the fullest.

20/01/23          Angels and Crystals with Gwenne Coltman

Find out how to use the crystals that will enhance your connections to the angelic realm. Since crystals help to raise your personal vibration they are a great way to open up clearer communication channels with the angels who want to work with you.

27/01/23          Crystals for the Four Pillars with Julie Ackroyd

Knowing that the angelic realm is based on four Divine laws you can use crystals to help you tune up your intuition to embrace those energies. Let us introduce you to the crystals that will help you become more in alignment with your angelic energies.

10/02/23          Welcome to My World with Annie Conboy

Annie’s teaching experience has shown her that we all develop our intuition through a set of steps. She will talk about these and host a discussion about intuition, energy and guides. This is an opportunity to ask your questions about how psychic and mediumship abilities work. 

17/02/23          Developing Intuition with Gwenne Coltman

The hardest part of development is often about finding out where to start. Gwenne is here to share her experience of specific tools & techniques to help you explore and advance your intuitive abilities. 

24/02/23          Developing Healing with Julie Ackroyd

Another way to use and develop your intuition is through channelling healing energy for yourself or others. Julie will talk about her experiences as a healer and the ways in which receiving and giving healing energy improve our ability to connect with guides. 

10/03/23          Intuitive Self-Care with Julie Ackroyd

Working with guides and integrating intuition into every day life means making adjustments to the way you look after your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Julie will share her hints and tips for the best self care as you open to the flow of new energies.

24/03/23          Mindfulness with Gwenne Coltman

Living an intuitive life also means learning to focus on the energy and connections that you are making both with physical and non-physical beings. Gwenne will be discussing how the practice of mindfulness can make tuning in to the subtle signals from your guides much easier.

31/03/23          Grounding & Protecting Your Intuitive Self with Annie Conboy

When we open ourselves to reading the energies around us it’s important to be clear about what energies are ours. And what are not. Annie will share her tips for successful connections.

Calderdale German Circle

Forthcoming meetings 7.30 pm at the Maurice Jagger Centre:-

23rd January 2023 – Bunzlauer Keramik – Bronwen Westerman

8th February 2023 – Annual General Meeting – Kristen Charlesworth

27th February 2023 – Komische Leute & Ereignisse In Meiner Kindheit – Ray Whitaker

8th March 2023 – Die Tschechische Schule In GB Wahrend Des 2. Weltkrieges – Eva Smith

27th March 2023 – Hannover – Alt & Neu – Ilona Ackroyd

12th April 2023 – “Die Blechtrommel” Und Gunter Grass – Sue Wilkinson

24th April 2023 – Deutscher Film – Shabanah Fazal

10th May 2023 – Sim Erzahlt Uns Was…Gemutliches Beisammensein – K & K mit Sim Cramer

Check out the website to find out what goes on at our meetings