Volunteers at The Maurice Jagger Centre


If you have a few hours to spare each week and are inerested in joining our small but friendly team either by volunteering your time or skill or by helping to raise funds please contact us, you will be made very welcome. Call us on 01422 364691 or e mail info@mauricejaggercentre.org.

Jean Redford

Jean joined the Maurice Jagger Centre as Treasurer 13 years ago, she is also a Trustee.

The reason why she became involved was due to a group she belonged to " Calder Quilters" using the Centre to hold their monthly meetings as she felt she needed to support such a good cause.

It is one of the nicest venues I have come across, everyone is friendly and cheerful and the premises are modern and welcoming I would recommend it to anyone who needs a Central place to hold their meetings.

Michele Wood

I joined the Maurice Jagger team about 5 years ago after being referred by a local voluntary action group.

I had been experiencing poor health for a couple of years and really needed to get out and mix with people again.

First and foremost, I am certain that it was the right decision for my recovery as I quickly became more motivated and able to enjoy what I was doing. The Centre radiates warmth from both the staff and our customers and I felt very much part of a really caring team.

These days I really look forward to Wednesday and Thursday. Everybody respects the fact that we are volunteers and I never feel that I am taken for granted. Our customers are just a joy and I think I have got to know all of them in the time I have been at the Centre.

Anybody considering becoming a volunteer will, I'm sure, find this a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Alison Stevens

I joined as a volunteer in January 2016 and I update the Maurice Jagger Website to keep it up to date with current activities and centre availability so that the centre is used fully.  Since retiring in September 2016 I also help out on a regular basis at one of the Luncheon Clubs and other events like the Autumn Fair.  I have met some lovely people and really enjoy my time there.

I am hoping I can make a difference by helping to promote the Centre through the website.